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Mixage Fou Laboratory

for all

All objects around us contain strange sounds.

To listen, simply equip them with a conductive paint, pieces of aluminum, copper wire, alligator clips and link everything to electronic pliers.

Using postcards, children are increasing everyday objects (fruits, vegetables, plastic animals ...) by playing sounds.

This workshop adapts according to the location, duration and age of children:
- The week of his 2013: 200 children participated: nurseries, kindergartens, recreation center / Enghien-les-Bains, in art centers including the Gaite Lyrique at Carreau du Temple ...
- Festival of the digital ’round the childish "/ Media Poissy

We equipped
- Bananas carrots to make pianos sound
- The doudoux into a concert sound
- Books to make sound stories

Headed by Thierry Dilger (sound designer) & Françoise Anger (fine art artist / psychomotricist)