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1 - Sound bank is provided free of charge in direct server link under the terms Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License - not for commercial use.

2 - Each participant have to create an original sound piece out of the provided sound bank.

3 - It is forbidden to use sounds not coming from the given sound bank.

4 - It is allowed to use only part of the sound bank (not all sounds).

5 - All creative techniques and sound transformations are allowed, including vocoder, resynthesis, going through analog (using synth filters...), re-amping (recording back with microphones out of loudspeakers)...

6 - The duration of each creation is limited to 80 seconds.

7 - Each participant can participate in several categories, but only by providing a brand new creation for each entry.

8 - Creator must full fill the entry form in order to validate his participation.

9 - Creator must rename sound files according to the visual guide provided in the “submission” menu.

10 - It is allowed to make a group creation. If the creation wins a prize, it will be shared by all creators of the group.

11 - All creations are submitted under License Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 - not for commercial use.

12 - A 4 channels creation (quadriphonic) is allowed for category 5.1

13 - LFE (for subwoofer) is optional for category 5.1 and Auro 3D 9.1

14 - An 8 channels (cube format) is allowed for category Auro 3D 9.1

15 - Use of height is optional for category binaural.

16 - Winners will be announced during the award ceremony early December 2014.

17 - Any action not respecting present rules will exclude the participant and his creation of the competition.